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Please Note:  If there are any images of you, or people you are responsible for, on this website which you do not want displayed, please get in touch with us and they will be removed ASAP.
It is our policy to only display positive images.  However, in uploading large galleries, some images, such as falls, knocking fences etc.,  may be displayed in error.  As soon as we get notification, we will remove them as soon as we can.  This notice will be displayed on all galleries.

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20200927. Co. Limericks Hunter Trials at Clonshire. Click here
Open Galleries now up.  Novice will start uploading this evening.
If you have sent a request for access, there is no need to repeat it.  I am getting them all. Resending it 4 or 5 times, even after you have got a text, does not speed up the process and I do reply to every request I get, as that is the polite thing to do!!!
I did not reply to requests  until  today as I was asleep early last night and also because there was nothing to see!!

20200920 limerick harriers-hunter-trials Ballycahane Equestrian 
Click above for gallery.  All the galleries are now uploaded and the discounted pricelist is exteneded until Wednesday.

20200913 Ballycahane Try Eventing. Click here.
20200915 All galleries uploaded.

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